Big changes for 2016!

Automated Batting Cages is now A Division of J&J Amusements, Inc.

Letter from Douglas Spray to all ABC customers.

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No other commercial batting range system supplier can claim having developed as many industry breakthroughs as the owners of ABC. Since 1973, we have pioneered and set many of today's standards for state-of-the-art batting cages.


The first "wheel-style" commercial Pitching machine used in batting cages. (1973)

The first totally automated commercial Conveyor/Hopper Distributing System for batting cages. It remains the only patented system ever developed! (1978)

The first Master Control panel for batting cages to centrally operate all machines in the system. (1978)


The first set of engineered construction blueprints for several "circular" or "radius-style" batting cages. (1980)

The first patented "dimpled-style" baseball and softball for batting cages. (1980)

The first to offer "In-House" Computer Assisted Design (CAD) capabilities and construction assistance. (1992)