How do I remove the variable speed pulley when it has seized on the motor shaft?

1) Remove the 90-degree grease zerk from the pulley.

2) Remove the 2 set screws from the collar located on the backside of the pulley.

3) Slide the collar off the pulley (slide towards the pitching machine motor)

4) Spray Liquid Wrench into the grease zerk and set screw holes of the variable speed pulley. WD40 or other light lubricants may work, but Liquid Wrench seems to work the best.

5) Wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the Liquid Wrench to penetrate

6) Using 2 pry bars evenly apply pressure to the backside of the pulley. Locate 1 pry bar on opposing sides of the motor shaft and use the pitching machine frame as the leverage point for your pry bars. If applying pressure does not work you may have to use a hammer or mallet and hit both pry bars at the same time. The key here is to apply pressure evenly; otherwise the pulley will bind up on the shaft. As a last resort, apply heat to the variable speed pulley. Be careful not to overheat the motor shaft bearing and seal area.