ABC Dimpled Baseballs and Softballs


Exclusive dimpled design manufactured by and available only from ABC.

The founders of ABC were instrumental in the design and production of the first dimpled urethane baseball. ABC remains the only pitching machine company to manufacture their own unique dimpled baseballs and softballs. All ABC baseballs and softballs are made in the USA. Stringent quality control standards consistently produce balls of the proper weight and size. ABC baseballs and softballs are the least reactive to temperature changes, and are the longest lasting balls on the market.

Specifically designed for accuracy in our "wheel-style" pitching machines. Along with our "Standard" dimpled Urethane® Baseballs and Softballs we also have a new style dimpled Baseball - The "SoftFlite", this new dimpled Baseball helps to reduce "bat sting" and pitches just like our standard dimpled Baseballs..right on track!

ABC dimpled baseballs and softballs are compatible with all commercial or team style pitching machines used in today's market.


To place an order for our dimpled Baseballs or Softballs please call 800-578-2243 or place your order online here ABC Online Shopping Cart