Did you know that when you replace your pitching machine drive belt you should adjust the belt tension as well? If you have replaced your belt and are experiencing problems such as belts jumping off the pulleys at high speeds, the motor not reaching maximum speed, or the motor rpm has changed from the previous setting then your belt tension is probably not set correctly. The proper way to adjust the belt tension is to begin with readjustment of the speed adjust crank handle.

1. Loosen the locking nuts on the speed adjust crank handle.


2.Turn your speed crank handle counter clockwise until 1- 2 threads are showing on the outside of the speed adjust brass nut.


3a. Start the pitching machine and pull back on the speed adjust arm until the rib (center of the belt) is flush with the outer edge of the variable speed pulley.


3b. Once the rib is flush with the variable speed pulley outer edge, tighten the 2 nuts. (use blue loctite)


4. Turn your speed handle clockwise until you reach the desired speed for that cage and then tighten the nut.