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Applications & Industries


Standalone Batting Cages

For facilities that can only house a single batting cage due to restrictions or space, our standalone cages are an affordable, durable solution.




College Batting Cages

College batting ranges are similarly essential to both baseball and softball programs. Even with hours-long practices, having extra time in the cages can provide a much-needed edge. 




Amusement Park Batting Cages

Amusement park and fun center batting ranges cater to users of all sizes and batting abilities. For both amateurs looking to test their skill and batting cage pros, these facilities provide an excellent opportunity to practice in a controlled, safe environment




Batting Cages at Sports Bars

Sports enthusiasts gather in sports bars to cheer on their favorite teams. Why not also cheer on their peers in the cages? ABC’s products celebrate the game so we support anyone else who does as well.  




Batting Cages at Recreation Facilities

Recreation facilities help to provide affordable access to sports programs. By having batting facilities available, children and adults can develop new skills or get back into the swing of things. 




High School Batting Cages

For high school baseball and softball teams, batting ranges on-site are a game-changer. They provide students with the ability to practice their form and become comfortable with their swing in a controlled environment. 



Aerial view of ABC outdoor batting cage
ABC outdoor batting system
Man hitting baseball
ABC outdoor pitching machines
Aerial view of ABC outdoor system