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Batting Cage Experts



ABC batting cage worker putting together pitching machine

With over 30 years of experience in the batting cage industry, we have developed over 1,000 commercial batting cages around the world. We pride ourselves on innovative, dependable, and low-maintenance equipment. In addition, we are experienced owners and operators ourselves. So we have a unique understanding of the industry. This experience also allows ABC to confidently make recommendations and provide quality assistance when it comes to your project decisions. 


All equipment manufactured by ABC is designed exclusively for commercial duty. Not ‘team’ style equipment modified for use in commercial applications. The first step is helping you with your batting cage development process. ABC will work with you through each step of the process. From planning, layout, custom design, and construction consultation, to the equipment selection and installation. After that, ABC offers a seven-day-a-week customer service program to assist with equipment maintenance and repairs. 


Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor batting cage, we can create custom designs that are suitable for your building or property. Our cost-effective construction techniques and methods provide the highest quality and most attractive batting cages available. 

Benefits of Batting Cages

In today’s digital world, it can be hard to make time to improve technical skills. Or to connect with a sport in real life. Building a batting cage in your facility offers a unique setting for your patrons to practice, try a new skill, or simply enjoy time connecting with a sport. In addition, building a batting cage can have other positive benefits:


1. Attract patrons of all ages

Whether you run a parks and rec facility, a sports bar, or an amusement park, a batting cage installation can attract patrons of all ages and provide a space for them to practice. 




2. Increase revenues

Batting cages can bring in a new wave of enthusiasts and patrons to your facility, which can increase your overall revenues. Plus, at around $2 a game, these cages are affordable for continued and regular use.  




3. A safe place to practice

A batting cage allows sports enthusiasts the chance to practice anywhere. Whether indoor or outdoor, having a batting cage in your facility allows your patrons to practice in a safe, regulated space.