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About Automated Batting Cages, ABC batting cage aerial view
About Automated Batting Cages, close up of ABC pitching machine
About Automated Batting Cages, Man hitting ball in ABC outdoor batting cage
About Automated Batting Cages, ABC worker building pitching machine
About Automated Batting Cages, ABC pitching machine and conveyor system


Automated Batting Cages, Inc. (ABC) began in 1973 with a mission to create the standard for state-of-the-art batting cages and equipment. Our revolutionary wheel-style pitching machines, dimpled balls, and conveyor system helped to differentiate ABC, but they’re just the beginning. We’ve spent decades perfecting our technical support program, so we can help with any problem that may arise. And our safety operations are industry standard as well. 

our team

The ABC team is small, but mighty. We have decades of experience in the industry and a passion for the game and our products. Meet the team who keeps it all running smoothly.

Dan Hansen headshot

Dan Hansen | General Manager

Since 1991 – 31 years

Kevin Derrickson headshot

Kevin Derrickson | Sales 

Since 2006 – 16 years

Steve Eves headshot

Steve Eves | Service 

Since 2007 – 15 years

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Juve Hernandez | Sales/Ventas

Since 2014 – 8 years



We believe in supporting those with a love for the game and a passion for sport. The high schoolers in the early hours perfecting their form swing after swing in the hopes of a college scholarship. The amusement park enthusiasts-turned-amateurs who want to give this great sport a go. The children holding a bat for the first time with helmets and knee pads that they’ll soon grow out of. And even the sports bar pro who misses being in the swing of things. These are the people who make ABC what it is and keep us striving for batting cage innovation.



About Automated Batting Cages, ABC 100% employee owned logo

Because we are employee owned, our goal is to meet the demands of our customers. You’ll receive personalized customer service, proficient problem solving, and better products delivered on time. At ABC we guarantee that our products are expertly designed, manufactured, and delivered with our customer in mind.



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ABC was acquired by J&J Amusements in 2016. J&J Amusements have been manufacturing entertainment attractions for over 40 years. Each product is constructed in the USA with a focus on safety and quality. Built with integrity, our products are meant to create fun and memories. 

ABC outdoor batting cage aerial view
Close up of ABC pitching machine
Man hitting ball in ABC batting cage
ABC worker building pitching machine
ABC pitching and conveyor system